About the Otamatone

The new Otamatone was created by Maywa Denki, and Cube works. Since this little device was demonstrated at the 2009 Tokyo Toy show, it has been creating quite a stir. You need to think of the Otamatone as cross between a japanese musical toy, an actual instrument and a theremin.

It creates "waaaah"-like singing sounds, which are produced by squeezing the 'face' at the bottom of the the tadpole looking instrument. The pitch of the note can be changed by sliding a finger up and down the neck of the japanese musical toy instrument. So, with two hands you can sing your way through your favourite piece of music in a crazy, "waaaaaaaaaaaaah". Join with other to create a whole spooky serinade like no other before.

Clearly created for the western audience, we eagerly await the release of the new, spooky sounding otamatone to our markets.

Following the recent release of the Otamatone to the western markert, it is set to be one of the must have toy's for Christmas 2009. Buy the Otamatone now to make sure that you don't miss out this Christmas, in the inevitable rush and panic when everyone realises they are going to miss out. For children and adults alike the otamatone is set to burst onto the English market. There is only one thing set to be more annoying than listening to lots of eerie "waaaah" sings songs on the bus, not being able to join in.

So find yourself a cheap otamatone and make sure you don't miss out on the fun this Christmas.